About TDBT

TDBT is run by editor-in-chief Jay Cooper. Jay became a born again believer in Jesus Christ in 2013, and has since been a seeker of truth with the firm foundation of Biblical inerrancy. He founded TheyDwellBeneathTheTemples.com as a place to post articles about Bible prophecy and other information in the conspiratorial genre.

Before founding the website, Jay was the song writer, producer and vocalist in the music project under the same title, They Dwell Beneath the Temples. He released a 14-track demo in 2011, a 6-track EP Jag You Are in February 2012, a 10-track album Courier Six in December 2012, a 9-track album Survive Suburbia in April 2013, a 8-track album Gold Plated Dawn in December 2013, and a 7-track album entitled Outshine the False Light in April 2015. Outshine the False Light was They Dwell Beneath The Temples’ only Christian album before calling it quits as a solo music artist.